What We Offer: Print Types

We offer a wide range of printing types. DTG is our go-to for most apparel.



Direct to garment (or DTG) printing involves laying ink directly onto a garment. These prints are generally thinner than screen prints, allowing for more intricate designs and a softer print texture. The full range of color in a photograph or gradients of an image can be expressed with this print method. We require high-quality (150 dpi) raster PNG files for DTG print orders.

  • Our go to printing for all garments
  • Full color
  • Makes Print on Demand possible
  • Offers great pricing and long lasting printing
  • DTG is the method we use for all of our print-on-order apparel that is not embroidery



Screen printing, sometimes referred to as silk screening, is a form of garment printing in which plastisol-based inks are pressed through a screen onto a garment. Screen printing is the most established and widely-used form of garment printing available. During the printing process, a set of screens (one for each color) rotates around a press in a carousel motion and is alternately pressed onto each garment. We only use screen printing in bulk orders. A minimum quantity of 15 is required for best price.

  • Available for apparel
  • Up to 8 colors
  • Low prices for all quantities
  • Screen Printing is a go to method for large bulk orders with simple designs



Embroidery is a classic handicraft and decoration technique using a needle to apply thread to textiles.
For best practices and print specifications, download our Embroidery Reference Guide.

  • Available for polos, jackets, and more
  • 15 standard colors, 400+ specialty colors
  • Low prices for all quantities
  • Quick Tip: Converting a design to Embroidery takes about 3 business days on the first order.



Sublimation printing occurs when ink is transferred by heat and pressure to a specially treated surface. These prints feature vibrant, high-fidelity color and are very durable. We require high-quality (150 dpi) raster PNG files to be submitted for sublimation print orders.
Available for mugs and phone cases

  • Full color
  • Low prices for all quantities
  • For Mugs, Tumbles, and more



We offer borderless, full color digital printing for posters. All posters are printed on premium 200 GSM gloss or matte paper with aqueous ink, suited for full-color digital art prints. We require high-quality (150 dpi) raster PNG files to be submitted for poster printing orders.

  • Available in 4 paper types
  • Full color
  • Low prices for all quantities
  • Currently available by request only


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