Company Values

Trust Built on Accountability | We desire to be a company you can depend on
Diverse and Inclusive | We desire to have a diverse community of support
Integrity | We make a promise to care for our churches and their members
Impact | We are about enabling churches to make a difference


Growing up in the home of a pastor, Micah spent his entire life in the church knowing the excitement and frustrations that come with growth, rebranding, marketing, and design.

A graduate of Duke Divinity School at Duke University and jumped into the church communications and media side of church, focusing on graphics and video production.

In 2018, while assisting a new church plant in Durham, NC, the idea of The Church Shop was born.

With a seven-year tenure in communications and media Micah transitioned to dedicate full-time efforts to The Church Shop.

January of 2022 marked the introduction of signage and large format printing services by The Church Shop, an endeavor aimed at bolstering churches' outreach to their local communities with top-tier quality resources. 

The drive for unparalleled customer care steers Micah's ambition to expand The Church Shop, empowering churches to create a significant community impact free from the hassle of overhead or design complexities.

Micah, along with Maria, is deeply invested in providing a nurturing and secure environment for children. Their dedication has led them to foster seven children, culminating in the joyful adoption of their son, Atlas.

Micah Thomas


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