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April 2, 2024
Why You Should Have More Than Just Your Logo on Your Shirt

Whether you're a thriving non-profit, a dedicated ministry, or a community group, custom t-shirts can be a game-changer for your outreach, customer service, and brand awareness. Imagine your staff and volunteers proudly sporting unique uniforms that showcase your mission and values. Picture your members wearing branded shirts and walking advertisements for your products. Envision the […]

February 22, 2024
Print On Demand Merch Stores For Your Church: Pair Your Ministry With Custom Merch

Print on demand (POD) is changing the game for individuals and organizations, including churches, by offering a way to sell custom products without the hassle of inventory. This model is perfect for a church looking to offer merch to its members quickly and efficiently via an online store. This model proves to be a perfect […]

December 14, 2023
The Ultimate Next Level T-Shirt Showdown: NL3600 vs. NL6010 vs. NL6210

Next Level Apparel is a popular brand for blank t-shirts, and for good reason. They offer a variety of styles and fabrics to choose from, making them a versatile option for everything from casual wear to custom printing. But with so many choices, it can be tough to decide which t-shirt is right for you.  […]

July 25, 2023
Small Group T-Shirt Designs
June 2, 2023
Welcome Team T-Shirt Inspiration
May 18, 2023
Standard Screen Printing

Quality Printing At Amazing Prices The creative world is often driven by innovation, and while digital printing technologies have taken center stage, there's a timeless, tactile appeal to the traditional process of screen printing that remains undeniably valuable. For those seeking durable, vibrant prints with a unique aesthetic, standard screen printing is an exceptional choice. […]

May 17, 2023
The Church Shop Vs Bonfire

Why choose The Church Shop over Bonfire? If you’re looking for a complete customizable platform that makes it easy to create merch the way you want, then The Church Shop was built for you.

May 17, 2023
The Church Shop Vs Printful

Why choose The church Shop over Printful? If you’re looking for an all-in-one platform that gives you a better way to create merch for your church without being the middle man, the church shop was built for you.

May 15, 2023
The Church Shop Vs Printify

For growing churches, The Church Shop offers an all-in-one platform that makes it easy to create a branded store to strengthen your church’s identity and create a sense of community, all while raising funds for your ministry.

March 28, 2023
Design Requirements For Embroidery

DOWNLOAD EMBROIDERY GUIDE Embroidery is a bit different from DTG printing--it has some specific requirements when it comes to designing. Because embroidery machines have limited capabilities and threading techniques, it's important to follow these requirements to ensure that your finished product matches your mockup preview. Color Choice Overview We use high-quality Super Bride Polyester thread […]

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