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The creative world is often driven by innovation, and while digital printing technologies have taken center stage, there's a timeless, tactile appeal to the traditional process of screen printing that remains undeniably valuable. For those seeking durable, vibrant prints with a unique aesthetic, standard screen printing is an exceptional choice.

Screen printing is a versatile and venerable technique, dating back over a thousand years. Its enduring popularity speaks volumes about the benefits it offers.

1. Timeless Durability:

Screen printing embeds the ink deep into the material offering long lasting durability The result is a print that can withstand wear and tear. You remember the church camp shirts you have had since 5th grade? Screen printing.

2. Vibrant Colors:

If your design includes vibrant, bold colors, screen printing is a solution. This technique allows for a thicker application of ink, resulting in colors that are brighter and more prominent. It doesn't matter if you're printing on a dark surface - screen printing will make your colors pop.

3. Cost-Effective for Large Batches:

When it comes to small order sizes or one-off prints, print on demand like your merch store, DTG is the way to go.  While the initial setup for screen printing might be more than other printing methods, the cost per unit decreases with larger volumes. Therefore, for large batch orders, screen printing is remarkably cost-effective.

4. Versatility:

Screen printing can be applied to a wide variety of materials making it possible to print on just about any shirt or style you want.

Considering a large order for your congregation or team? Screen printing is an economical solution. Take a look at our pricing for commonly requested items listed below. Can't find your preferred brand? Feel free to contact us via chat for a tailored quote.



POPULAR ITEMS (more brands and pricing available upon request):


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