Water Reveal Printing

Create all new design possibilities with our water reveal inks.

Water reveal inks are clear and undetectable when printed on colored fabrics that darken with water. The effect is for the image printed with wet reveal inks to be revealed when the fabric around the image area gets darker due to moisture. Imagine having one design before baptism and something different after! The design possibilities are endless when revealing all or specific parts of the printed design just by adding water.

Water reveal inks are great for Baptism Sundays!
  1. Comfortable: Water reveal ink produces prints that are soft and lightweight, making them super comfortable to wear for the whole day. This is especially important for the little ones being baptized, who may be sensitive to scratchy materials.
  2. Durable: The prints created with water reveal ink are long-lasting and resistant to fading or cracking, so the baptism shirts can be worn and cherished for years to come.
  3. Aesthetic: Water reveal ink creates prints with a unique, slightly faded look that gives a vintage or distressed appearance. This can add a special touch to the design of the baptism shirt, creating a memorable keepsake for the individual being baptized and their family.

Using water reveal ink for baptism shirts is an excellent way to create a comfortable, durable, and stylish product that will help make this special day even more memorable.

Can this be printed on any garment?

For best contrast, choose a mid-color garment that will darken significantly when water is applied. Wet reveal ink can be printed on any garment but typically works best on 100% cotton and blends. Performance fabrics tend not to turn colors when wet.

Can you see the print if the garment is not wet?

No, the ink will be invisible until water is applied to the garment. For optimal print vibrancy, the print area needs to be completely soaked.

Can you choose any ink color to reveal when water is applied?

Not quite. The effect is for the print to be revealed when the fabric around the image area gets darker due to moisture. The ink retains the normal color of the garment when water is applied.

Are there specific care instructions for wet reveal ink?

Because of the nature of wet reveal inks, it is recommended that you wash your new garment when initially receiving it. After that initial wash, no specific additional care is needed. Just follow manufacturer garment care guidelines.

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