Loving Better

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Loving Better


Love has the potential to heal a broken society. Love has the power to save a wandering life. Love has the ingredients to cure deep wounds and hurts. Love can cause the trajectory of people's lives to shift dramatically. In fact, love is higher than all acts of given and receiving because love is embracing the nature of God so there is no motive behind the expression. It is living and exuding love towards all! This book has been written to help you generate the passion to love from the depth of your heart. It is my earnest desire that it serve as a blueprint - a help guide in reorganizing your life. As you go through every page, may your life become engulfed with the compassion to forgive others and to love even those who have offended or done you wrong.
Love is not a product of human ingenuity but a divine life - a higher standard of exchange between people. To indicate that love does carry equal weight with our feelings, a commandment is rule of law that must be followed. We are finding it more difficult today to love because we have followed our feelings instead of loving and the end result is a society filled with hate and self-satisfaction. From the biblical records of extraordinary sacrifices, love has always been selfless rather than selfish.

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