Gift Cards

Churches love people.

And people love free stuff. And churches love when people share about the great work they are doing in Jesus’ name.

That’s why most churches give some kind of gift to first-time guests that attends their church gatherings.

The gift is not a bribe or a pay off for a visitor to attend. No matter how awesome your church visitor gift is, it’s never going to make up for a terrible experience at your church. They will remember the friendliness of your church long after the visitor gift is used up or worn out.

But we know generosity makes an impact. So it’s worth investing some time and money into your church visitor gift.

But gifts are challenging. No one needs an extra cup. A bag of post its, pens, and key-chains get tossed out the moment they get home. You want something that will be thoughtful, memorable, unique, and fun!

A branded t-shirt, mug, tumbler or hat is a gift that keeps on giving!

There’s no better way to show your visitors you love them than to give them $10 toward your church store! Then they can choose what shirt they want, or if they want to go big and get that hoodie or jacket, then you have helped them along the way without breaking the new-visitor budget.

Gift card are a classic option, it’s easy to manage and they have a long shelf life.



On your church dashboard, select gift card on the menu, then fill out the gift card form. Set a unique code just for your store, church, or outreach event, then buy 1 or 100 at a time.

Can one person use the code 10 times?

Nope. The code will only work for that user 1 time. That way you can give out the same code to everyone (less codes to manage) and only have to worry about them using it once!

Why would I want the code to expire?

People forget, lose the code, or simply just don’t want another shirt in their drawer (I know, crazy!).
Setting the code to expire allows you to set a new code for new guests without the need to spend more money. If you bought 100 and only 20 were used in the time before they expired, then request a new code for the remaining cards, and you don’t have to worry about too many codes being used.

How to I request a new code?

Simple fill out the form and select “replacement code.” We will set up the new code with the remaining number left and you can start passing out new codes.

Can we track the code?

Yes! On the Gift Card menu, you can see how many codes have been used, how many are left, and if/when they expire.

What if we never use them?

They are on your account forever. Give them away at Christmas, to your staff, volunteers, or even your leaders. You all work hard to make your church a special place for God, you deserve a new shirt!

Where do I start?

For a custom code, fill out the form below. To buy cards now, click here!


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