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Can i customize my store?

Yes, every plan has a custom store to match your brand and design of your website.
Upload your logo and designs directly on the dashboard.

How do i withdrawal commission?

Your commission goes to your account. Simply set up Paypal or connect to stripe and withdrawl it as needed. 

Can i sell physical items at my church on my store?

Yes, on the premium plan only. 

What is the Staff Only Page?

Sell items only your church staff can buy! Simply share the link with your staff so only they can purchase the items.

This page is shared for all churches that use it.

These items are added to a separate store and sold at base price. Premium subscribers only.

See the page here!

Can i track orders?

Yes, every order status, fullfilment, and shippign can be tracked via the dashboard. 

Whats the catch? This seems to good.

Glad it sounds too good to be true! But it’s not. No catch, no hidden fees. We are built specifically to enable churches to have a virtual store at little to no cost!